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About us

    Qingyang shu Fang Xiang package embroidery co., LTDWas established2012Years3Month,The registered capital90Ten thousand yuan,Legal representative Bai Shufang,Address of qingyang city xifeng district DongZhi Town north village。Mainly engaged in lifestyle、Utility class、Gift series sachets、Portrait sketch embroidery、Silk embroidery products process,Products by the state trademark office registered“Shu embroidery”Brand trademark。Adopted“The company+The base+Women”Production management mode,To develop folk culture products300More than,Annual production capacity20More than one,Embroidered niang300More than。Has now developed into a production、Sales and research and development for the integration of sachets、Embroidery、Shadow play and other civil handmade crafts production base for the leading product,Is the local folk culture industry production enterprises。

    The company aims to promote“Gansu qingyang culture”,The protection and inheritance in our province non-material cultural heritage,Active participation“To go out”To carry out investment cooperation、To seize“the Belt and Roa”The construction of opportunity。In2014Years11Month founded in belarus capital Minsk formal registration (a private trading company,Be in belarus in private enterprises in our province,Mainly engaged in sachets、Embroidery、Shadow play, such as manual arts and crafts sales。

    2015Years4Awarded by xifeng district women's federation“LongYuan dab hand demonstration base”,2015Years6Awarded by qingyang city women's federation“LongYuan dab hand demonstration base”,2016Years9Approval of xifeng district e-commerce work leading group office set up“Village-level e-commerce service point”,10By gansu provincial party committee propaganda department、NHK“Cultural market”Fixed business shop,12By gansu province women's federation“LongYuan dab hand demonstration base”。In attracting women's flexible employment140Many people。

In order to improve the women's employment skills,Creative ability,A more scientific to push up a poor women out of poverty to get rich。Qingyang shu Fang Xiang package embroidery co., LTD“The company+The base+Women”The production and business operation mode,Have been completed“LongYuan hand”Women's skills training base,Covers an area of600Square meters,One theory training room area150Square meters,Embroidery training room a area150Square meters;Driven in sachets embroidery production base,Now there is70Many rural families rely on sachets embroidery on the path of the rich。

    2016In the market、Under the leadership and support of district women's federation,Through elaborate,Hire“Folk artists”、“The genetic carrier”、“Master of arts and crafts”On the training of rural women,From the basic knowledge of embroidery、Technique、The composition of a picture、Design and color mixing techniques, such as, the steps、Systematic explanation and operation guidance for poor women。Host tissue“LongYuan hand”Hand embroidery skills training10Period,Training for women320Name,The training of embroidery82People,Business backbone15Name,Drive and radiation surrounding schiscosomiasis580Many people develop sachets embroidery industry。

    Company always insist on“The quality is the life of the enterprise,Talent is the essence of the entrepreneur,The customer is the god of an enterprise”The management idea as the cornerstone of enterprise development,In order to“The good faith management,Strict management,Sincere service”The operating principles of and“Fashion、Innovation”The business purpose of gradually won the customers trust。The company has a strong development momentum and brand advantages,Insist on the enterprise culture promotion enterprise core competitiveness,For greater contributions to the development and prosperity of the local economy。 

    Enterprise law clause in shu party comrades2011Won the certificate of gansu province folk artists,The creation of the manual embroidery works《Xi zhongxun》Won the first prize of innovation of gansu province fine arts creation hundred flowers awards the 12。Qingyang shu embroidery company2012January won the necessities in lanzhou and the folk custom culture fair exhibitors,Represent the gansu qingyang2012In zhejiang province non-material cultural heritage exposition and demonstration。2015Years3Awarded by xifeng district women's federation“Rich capable women entrepreneurship”The title of honor。2017Years3Awarded by xifeng district women's federation“Worker”The title of honor。

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Qingyang shu Fang Xiang package embroidery co., LTD

Contacts  : Bai Shufang 

Contact phone number: 15309341110 

The company address: Qingyang city, gansu province DongZhi Town xifeng district north village

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