Dongtai Kangding Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Introduction to the service

To improve the overall customer value,Let customers worry-free。Assist users to formulate the construction plan for the first time。

Technical support

The company has consistently adhered to independent innovation and the development of the combination of science and technology cooperation way,Aimed at industry leading level,Increase investment in science and technology,...

   Dongtai Kang Ding engineering machinery manufacturing co., LTD is specializing in the production of pile driving machinery well-known enterprises。The company is located in dongtai city east industrial park of hai feng park(Shen Hai dongtai exported to east at a high speed2Kilometers)。The company has been engaged in the r&d and manufacturing of pile driving machinery,Improve the original technology,In a series of ongoing innovation。Have a number of national patent,Make the product technology...

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