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Nanjing remit zhe trade co., LTD--Nanjing jiangning national high and new technology industrial park is located in jiangsu province,Focus on high quality imported chemical raw materials trade enterprises。HZCAgent for the MalayIOIIs bitter、Caprylic capric acid;MatricaAzelaic acid;GermanyOXEAQuantitative analysis、Pelargonic acid;Rohdia/Prasol 2-Methyl groups-2,4-Glutaric alcohol、Alien glycol、Hexamethylenediamine;Basf quantitative analysis、1.4-Butyl glycolBDOAnd poly (tetramethylene ether glycolPTMEG1000...
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Quantitative analysis Alien glycol Three isopropyl alcohol amine Azelaic acid Caprylic capric acid Stearic acid methyl ester PTMG2000  2-Methyl groups-2,4-Glutaric alcohol

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