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Guangzhou nine catering management co., LTD., Kowloon,Consortium is a joint venture with investment from food catering investment and management group,Focus on the development and cultivate the potential food and beverage brands,Successful operation successively dimples desserts、Will discuss、Serve tea, and other well-known food brands。

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Serve tea or traditional,Bold innovation,Is not just a taste of the brand concept is put forward,A domestic new tradition and the new fashion of tea shop,Lead into the tea tea industry+Era。


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For every cup of tea carefully

Serve the tea,To redefine the good tea

RedefinedGood tea

Serve tea inherits Chinese tea spirit of the harmony of man and nature,Reference to coffee concept of interpersonal interaction

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For every cup of tea carefully

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Starlight playground,Open time

In the Tanabata night,Serve tea starlight playground,Only open to you

  • 2019-08-07

    Starlight playground,Open time

  • 2019-07-22

    Honeydew melon season|Only for one summer,Time to eat the melon

  • 2019-04-20

    Tea Mount|Tea mountain tour

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Serve tea to join us

       In the near future,We often receive complaints,Our company's“Dimples desserts”、“Serve tea tea flower(The original serve tea)”Imitated by fake brand for fraud,The original“Serve the tea”For the brand name has a new upgrade“Serve tea tea flower”。In this,Our company solemnly declare,“Dimples desserts”、“Serve the tea”、“Serve tea tea flower”Chinese name is guangzhou nine catering management co., LTD., Kowloon,Without any prefix and suffix,In accordance with law, enjoy the right to exclusive use of trademarks。
        At present, the company's mainly“Dimples desserts”、“Serve the tea”、“Serve tea tea flower”、“Will discuss”Brands,The rest any brand has nothing to do with our company,Similar information for online fraud,Please the masses of consumers。In addition,Involved in violation of our brand、The behavior of the trademark,We will further pursue the relevant legal responsibility!
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